World War I

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World War I (WWI or WW1), also known as the First World War, or the Great War, was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. More than 70 million military personnel, including 60 million Europeans, were mobilised in one of the largest wars in history. Over nine million combatants and seven million civilians died as a result of the war (including the victims of a number of genocides), a casualty rate exacerbated by the belligerents’ technological and industrial sophistication, and the tactical stalemate caused by gruelling trench warfare. It was one of the deadliest conflicts in history, and paved the way for major political changes, including revolutions in many of the nations involved.

World War I Time Period: 28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918 (4 years, 3 months and 2 weeks)

World War I Locations: Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, China, Indian Ocean, and off the coast of South and North America.

On May 7, 1915, less than a year after World War I (1914-18) erupted across Europe, a German U-boat torpedoed and sank the RMS Lusitania, a British ocean liner en route from New York to Liverpool, England.

World War I’s American Casualties and losses:
53,402 killed in battle
116,708 dead from all causes

The Battle of Doberdò World War I, fought in August 1916

World War I Veteran Service Organizations & Patriotic Societies

The 37th Division Veterans Association
42nd Infantry “Rainbow” Division Veterans Association
American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.
American War Mothers
Catholic War Veterans & Auxiliary
Disabled American Veterans
Federation of French War Veterans
Fleet Reserve Association
Italian American War Veterans of the United States
Marine Corps League Auxiliary
Military Chaplains Association of the United States of America
Military Order Devil Dog Fleas
Military Order of Devil Dog Fleas
Military Order of the Purple Heart
The Military Order of the World Wars
National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association
National Amputation Foundation
National Association of the 6th Infantry Division, Inc.
Polish Legion of American Veterans, USA
Reserve Officers Association of the United States
Sons of the American Legion
American Legion Auxiliary
The Forty and Eight
The Marine Corps League
The Retired Officers Association – Military Officers Association
Veterans of World War I of the United States of America
Women’s Overseas Service League
1st Cavalry Division Association
First Special Service Force Association
Second Air Division Association, The Heritage League
Second Marine Division Association
4th Armored Division
The Eighth Air Force Historical Society
8th Armored Division
9th Infantry Division Association
11th Airborne Division Association
17th Airborne Division
23rd Bomb Squadron Association
25th Infantry Division Association
Society of the 30th Infantry Regiment Association
43d Infantry Division Association
65th Infantry Division Association
70th Infantry Division Association
77th Artillery Association Organization
82nd Airborne Division Association
99th Infantry Division Association
The 101st Airborne Division Association
164th Infantry Association
303rd Bomb Group (H)
325th Glider Infantry Association, 82nd Airborne Division
401st Bombardment Group Association
483rd Bombardment Group (H) Association
505th Parachute Regimental Combat Team Association
507th Parachute Infantry Association 2008 Reunion
508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Association
509th Parachute Infantry Regiment Association
549th Engineer Light Ponton Company
517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team
526th Armored Infantry Battalion Combat Team Association Association
550th Airborne Infantry Association
704th Tank Destroyer Battalion Association
Air Force Association
Americal Division Veterans Association
American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor Memorial Society
American Ex-Prisoners of War
American G.I. Forum of the United States
American Veterans Committee
American Veterans of WWII, Korea and Vietnam (AMVETS)
American War Dads
Blinded Veterans Association
Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc
China-Burma-India Hump Pilots Association
China-Burma-India Veterans Association
Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association
Destroyer-Escort Sailors Association
Gold Star Wives of America
International B-24 Liberator Club
Merrill’s Marauders Association
Military Railway Service Veterans
National Association of Atomic Veterans
National Counter Intelligence Corps Association
The National World War II Glider Pilots Association, Inc.
OSS-101 Association
P-38 National Association
P47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association
P-51 Mustang Pilots Association
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Pearl Harbor Survivors Association
The Polar Bear Association of World War II
Polish Army Veterans Association of America
Tuskegee Airmen
United States Merchant Marine Veterans of World War II
United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.
US Navy Salvage Divers Reunited
Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge
Women’s Airforce Service Pilots of World War II
Women’s Army Corps Veterans’ Association
Association of the United States Navy
Persian Gulf Command Veterans Organization World War II
Navy Club of the United States of America
National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs
Berlin Airlift Veterans Association
United Service Organizations
The Combat Infantrymen’s Association
1st Marine Division Association
The 244th Engineer Combat Battalion
187th Infantry Regiment (Rakkasans)
Air Force Aid Society
Armed Forces Benefit Association
Association of Naval Aviation
Coast Guard Auxiliary Association
Joe Foss Institute
Marine Corps Association & Foundation
Naval Enlisted Reserve Association
United Services Automobile Association
Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association
Chief Warrant Officer and Warrant Officer Association of the Coast Guard
Cold War Veterans Association
Marine Corps Aviation Association
Marine Corps Cryptologic Association
Military Officers Association of America
Navy Seabee Veterans of America
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
Society of American Military Engineers
Surface Navy Assocation
U.S. Air Force Academy Association of Graduates
U.S. Army Officer Candidate Schools Association
U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association
Alliance for National Defense
The Military Coalition
The Naval Enlisted Reserve Association
The Naval Historical Foundation
The Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund
United States Air Force Military Heritage Database
American GI Forum of the United States
Navy Wives Clubs of America

World War I War Battle Map(s)

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